About Knockturn AlleyEdit

Within Diagon Alley lays a narrow passage, a dark and twisting alley, one that leads to another portion of Magical London: Knockturn Alley. Children are discouraged from setting foot within this alley, for it is reknowned for often hiding...criminals, dark magic, and objects of the...darker magical variety.

Once burned in what has become known as the Chameleon Dragon Incident of Diagon Alley, the stench of smoke still lingers in some parts of it, for many of the shopkeepers not care to bother with proper repairs. Careful where you step, for dead rats, insects, and fecal material are all things likely for one to step on or in. Lining the storefronts are a variety of supposedly legal items, but if one were wishing to obtain something more...scandalous, one would merely need to know where to ask. Flesh-Eating Slug Repellant, poisonous candles, hands of glory, charmed and cursed items, shrunken heads, objects of voodoo, and other assorted dark items can all be found here.

Be careful where you go though, for now, with the world's dwindling population, there are so...few witnesses to trouble down here.

Shops include the following:
* Borgin & Burkes

  • Toil and Trouble
  • The Black Dagger
  • Owl Post
  • Spirits and Spirits
  • Various...unoccupied storefronts

Major Events of Knockturn AlleyEdit

MP ~ Something is Wrong is an Understatement - Unbeknownst to those in Diagon Alley, a new species of dragon, one thats scales blends in to its background, is flying overhead. Knockturn Alley was damaged as well.

Employees of Knockturn AlleyEdit

  • Owl Post
  • Spirits and Spirits
  • Various...unoccupied storefronts

Vivian Gardner - Assistant Manager of the Black Dagger

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